Adoption Celebration Honors Inez Baucum and 750 Adoptions
More than 150 guests gathered on Saturday afternoon, August 9th, 2009, to celebrate the completion of The Children's Home of Lubbock's 750th adoption and the woman who made more than 600 of those adoptions possible, Inez Baucum.
Inez joined the staff of the Home in 1955, shortly after the first child came to The Children's Home for care in April of 1954.  It had not taken many months for that visionary, John B. White, to discover that the services of a social worker would be essential for carrying out his vision for a heavy concentration on adoption and foster care for the children who needed the services of the Home.  He recruited Inez to join him in the brand-new child care facility as a social worker, and Inez became the first trained social worker employed by any child care agency associated wtih Churches of Christ.
After Inez's departure, the Home's emphasis swung away from adoption and foster care, but the Board of Directors called the Home back to its roots in its Strategic Plan of 2000.  From a minimal program in the 80's and 90's, the Foster Care and Adoption unit has grown steadily and now has almost 60 children in foster care on any given day, and last year completed 22 adoptions.
Volunteers Nicky Standlee, Charly Johnson, Mary Fran Johnson, Karen Reynolds, and Janie Harms served the guests from a beautiful table of refreshments at the August reception.
The keynote speaker for the event was Bob Powell, part of the first sibling group to be adopted from the Home.  Bob spoke from his heart about the parallel journeys taken by his birth mother and his adoptive mother and emphasized the far-reaching consequences of adoption with pictures of his extended family, including his own biological child and two adopted children.
Other honored guests included the three children who were adoption numbers 749, 750, and 751.  They are a sibling group who now belong to a new family.  Adoptees of all ages, along with many adoptive parents who worked with Inez to build thier families, were present to celebrate this wonderful milestone and to honor Inez for her role in their lives.