Farewell to A Great Friend, Billie Lemons
Sadly we said farewell to a great friend on October 12, 2008.  Billie Wayne Lemons, child care worker, counselor, father, teacher, encourager, and gospel minister, laid down the tools of this world to enter that place of rest prepared for the righteous.
Billie and his lovely wife, Janet, joined us May 1st 2001, to work in one of our therapeutic cottages.  In September 2003, Billie and Janet moved from the cottage to an off-campus group home to begin our work with Teen Moms. They continued this work until literally one week prior to Billie’s death. The Lemons family had just moved from the Teen Moms cottage to begin different roles at The Children’s Home and the care of children.
During this time, Billie became the pulpit minister of the Twentieth and Birch Church of Christ in Lubbock.  He was active in speaking at churches all over the country.  At the time of his death, Billie was ministering at a gospel meeting in Odessa, Texas.
While Billie was known and loved by people all over the world, here at The Children’s Home of Lubbock he was known and loved as a big man who loved his family, loved his ministry and loved every child and co-worker God put him in contact with.  He was a man of great faith in his God.  Rarely will one find a man who was as respected and who had fewer conflicts with others than this gentle giant.  It was a beautiful thing to watch Billie work with the children in his and Janet’s care.  No matter if he was dealing with a troubled teen mom, her two year old child, or a child from another cottage, all felt safe with Billie and knew he had their best interests at heart.
We have all been blessed by the years God has allowed Billie to be a part of this ministry.  Janet Lemons will continue to work with The Children’s Home of Lubbock as a case manager in the Foster Care/ Adoption Unit.
Men like Gary and Billie are HEROES in the lives of the young people they committed themselves to.  While we are incredibly saddened by their deaths, we are forever grateful that God has raised up men like these to defend the cause of the fatherless child.  Please join us in remembering in prayer their families, Janet and Kolin Lemons, and Marilyn and Isabella Flewellen, along with all the children and staff at the Children’s Home of Lubbock.