Church Relations
Churches are our vitally important, and much appreciated, partners in providing care to our children who are being touched daily with the love of God who "defends the cause of the fatherless." (Deuteronomy 10:18)
Several churches support certain cottages on our campus, and many come out to work on the grounds, help with upkeep and other chores, spend time with the children, and help in many other ways. 
Areas of special financial involvement that many of our church-partners support are:
Big Heart
Our annual "Big Heart" campaign is a request to individual churches to collect a specific non-food item.  Promotion of this campaign is conducted from March through June each year.  In 2015, some 233 churches participated and collected items and currency with a total value over $117,000.  These items go a long way in providing items needed by our children each year.
Dollar Day
Each September our church partners are asked to participate in our annual "Dollar Day" campaign, challenging church members to a special collection to complete our annual grocery budget.  In 2014 these donations totaled $64,472 from 122 churches.
If you would like a visit from our Church Relations Director, or for more information about these and other church-related activities, please contact Eric Dickey at:
Director of Church Relations
The Children's Home of Lubbock
PO Box 2824
Lubbock TX 79408
(806) 762-0481
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