The Key Club
The board of directors and the Administration of The Children's Home of Lubbock are pleased to announce the founding of The Key Club of The Children's Home of Lubbock.
The Key Club is a group of friends who have committed to support the children financially each and every month.  They recognize the value to The Home of loyal, consistent giving, matching the regular arrival of the monthly bills incurred by the cottage households who care so faithfully for the boys and girls.
The Club is called “The Key Club” because it symbolizes the five keys necessary to providing a solid foundation for the future of the youngsters who depend on us for help.
Key: Family
This most basic of keys is symbolized in the giving circle named The Inez Baucum Family Circle.  Members of this circle have committed to give $15 to $25 each month.  Inez was the first social worker at The Children’s Home, coming to work in 1955 and finding adoptive homes for over 600 children in her tenure here.  The Children’s Home of Lubbock is committed to providing families for children, whether in foster or adoptive homes or in our cottages.
Key: Building
The Building Key is given to members of The Floyd I. Stumbo Building Circle, those who have committed to give $38 per month.  Floyd Stumbo, who was associated with the Home for 38 years before his “retirement” to The Children’s Home Foundation in 1995, oversaw tremendous growth and expansion of the Home’s facilities and programs.  The Home continues to implement programs and therapies for children that will help them build a better life than has been possible for them in their past.
Key: Commitment
In 1953 John B. White left a secure job and future to tackle the challenge of building a children’s home where none had existed before.  The John B. White Commitment Circle is comprised of members who honor Brother White’s commitment to giving himself away in service to others with gifts of $53 each month.  Children who see the commitment to faith of the adults in their lives are better prepared to live a life of faith themselves.
Key: Vision
The vision for the Home’s very existence was provided by M. Norvel Young.  Dr. Young believed strongly that people of God should see possibilities, not problems.  Members of The Key Club who opt for the M. Norvel Young Vision Circle commit to give $100 per month to help children see the possibilities in their future, not the problems of their past.
Key: Leadership
Friends of children who commit to gifts of $200 per month or more are members of The President’s Leadership Circle.  It is imperative that children have solid leaders to guide them into the future.
The most indispensable key is YOU.  You love children.  You are willing to share with them.  You have demonstrated your commitment to helping boys and girls who have no defender but The Children’s Home — and you have stated boldly, with your generosity, that you are on The Children’s Home team.  Thank you for that.  We prize your friendship.
Here’s how The Key Club works.  Key Club members commit to a monthly credit card or electronic transfer (draft) gift each month.  There are several advantages to making such a gift:
  • Your gift stretches further. With preauthorized monthly giving using credit cards or electronic transfer, you don’t have to worry about writing checks, getting stamps, or mailing gifts.  And our administrative costs are lower, ensuring that more of each gift goes directly to the care of the children.
  • Monthly giving helps you with your budget.  It is a planned expense that helps you keep tabs on how much you give to the Home.  And over time, you are able to contribute much more to the Home, having a stronger influence on boys and girls without feeling financially pressed.
  • Monthly giving saves time.  As a monthly donor,  you will no longer need to decide how to respond to the seasonal needs of the youngsters.  We’ll send you our quarterly newsletter so that you can follow the progress of the children, and each year we’ll send you a letter giving details about what’s going on at the Home. (And please remember that we never share our mailing lists with anyone.)
  • Monthly giving helps us meet the needs of our boys and girls.  Your monthly gift provides reliable and predictable revenue, allowing us to budget and plan with confidence — and accomplish all the more.
How to Become a Member of The Key Club
First, decide how much you can afford to give each month, and whether you wish to use your checking account or your credit card.  Then click on the Donate Now button and complete the information requested.  Even $15 a month would have a positive impact on what we can achieve together.  That’s just 50¢ a day.  Less than the price of a cup of coffee!
Remember, you can decide to cancel or to change the amount of your gift at any time.  Just let us know, preferably via letter or email, so that we have a record of your request.
If you have any questions or need more information, you can call Home.  We will be happy to talk with you any time.  Thank you very much for your friendship to our boys and girls.
Samantha Turley
(806)762-0481, extension 213