Letters from Home

A collection of stories, testimonies, and letters from those who have called this place HOME — students, staff, foster and adoptive families.
Affectionately Addressed as “Brother White,”
John White was Loved by All
Love to the most wonderful man in the world.  Thank ever so much for everything you have done for me.  It seems as though you never lose faith in me no matter how much I goof.  I love you ever so dearly and deeply.  You’re always a source of help to me.
        An ex-student writing to Brother White
Brother White, thank you so much for all the years of love and devotion you have shown me, for the guiding light that has helped show me the way.
       In Christian love, Vickie
Dear Brother White, I want to thank you for guiding me through the eleven years I have been at the Home.  I will always love you.
       Love, Mary
To Brother White, the man who has made everything possible in my life.
       With all my love forever, Roger
Reflections from Staff Members
I went to work at The Children’s Home because I was looking for a job where I could be at home when my husband was home. That was the first blessing (and probably the most insignificant). My job was “receptionist” (possibly the most significant blessing) for with that job, God “plopped” me down right in the middle of The Children’s Home. I soon found myself surrounded by some of the most loving, caring, professional people I have ever known.
       It was my privilege to get to know houseparents, those folks who are parents to children who need them, folks who give their hearts to children whether it’s for a lifetime or for a short time, whatever the child needs. I got to know the administration, the social work side, the “business” side, and the maintenance crew, each dependent on the other for their existence.  Everyone became a blessing for me,  just to know them and have them in my life.
       Imagine all these blessings and I haven’t even mentioned the children. CHILDREN who made you laugh, CHILDREN who made you cry, CHILDREN who made you laugh and cry!
       A young man called one day just to see if there was anyone there that he could talk with that had been there when he grew up there.  He just wanted to call home.
       Delilah Wisener, former receptionist
About 20 years ago during the summer, I planned arts and crafts sessions for the older girls on campus. That started a love for the children at The Children’s Home.  I started working as a Unit Director almost 5 years ago. Working here has blessed me in many ways. I love children and watching them grow in ways that will help them become successful adults. The other blessing here is the people on staff and the relationships that develop in times of fun and need. The support of others and the love that is expressed is a bonus each day. It is obvious that this is God's work.
       Donna Davis, Unit Director
I can't think of a better way to serve God than to serve His children, and I thank God everyday for that opportunity.  I love working here, and I look forward to coming to work every day.  I believe my life is put to good use here.
        Julia Soccio, Accounting
Working at the Children's Home of Lubbock is definitely work, but it's the only job I've ever had where I can go home at night, reflect on my day, and feel like I've done something Jesus would have done.
       Kristy Beene. Education Coordinator
I came to work at CHOL as a housemom in 1994. I must say that the two years David and I spent in the cottage were the two of the hardest, most rewarding years that I have been privileged to live. God often blesses us in very surprising ways. He has a tendency to sneak experiences and joys into your life when you are not looking for them.  It's a joy to be part of a community made up of people who see their work as ministry and opportunity to heal, love, encourage, set an example and teach.
       Ramona Ruebush, Accounting
My personal life has been changed by so much of the spiritual love I receive from here.  My family can say that working here has made me a better wife, mother, daughter and friend.
       Traci Verett., Development
I never realized how important it is to work in a Christian office - until I didn't!  What a welcome change to be a part of a vital, growing ministry and to know that the work you do really does make a difference - in children's lives, not just the "bottom line."
       Tobie Beck, Administrative Assistant
I am blessed to work with a caring and dedicated group of people who have similar goals of providing quality, Christian child care for abused children.   This is a happy, loving place.  I can't imagine working anywhere else.
       Vickie Russell, Vice President of Children's Services
The working environment at the Home is supportive and loving, and I have made many close friends.  Recently I have been going through one of the most difficult times in my life, and the staff has been absolutely wonderful.  I don't know what I would do if I didn't have their support, prayers, and friendship.
       Courtney Bryan, Administrative Assistant
 Impact of Inez Baucum’s life Has Been Far-Reaching
I will start out by saying that I am not an adopted child placed by Inez Baucum. But I have been influenced greatly by Inez Baucum. My family was a foster family with whom Inez placed children who were to be adopted. This is significant for me because the best times I remember are those where my sister and I would take the foster baby into the back room and dress it up, getting it ready to meet his/her new parents. The new mother and father would come to our home with Inez to see their baby for the first time. It was my privilege to place that baby in the arms of a very anxious and waiting mother.
       Thank you for the opportunity to share my story how this remarkable woman has  reached far and wide to be a positive influence on many generations.
       Peggy (Christian) Corder
On Thanksgiving in 1966  I sat down and wrote a letter from Michigan to Inez Baucum of The Children's Home in Lubbock.  My husband, Lewis, and I were interested in  adoption.  Inez wrote back and said to drop in when we came to Lubbock during the Christmas break and have a visit with her.
       On December 21 we did indeed have that chat and she told us we could pick up our new baby boy on December 23!  My were we surprised at the speed with which things happened!  Lewis was in shock and I was delighted, but he soon became very excited about becoming a new father, too.  So on December 23 our son was placed in our arms.  We named him Lewis Whitfield Moncrief, Jr.  Even though he was raised in Michigan, he still had Texas blood in him.  He has worn cowboy boots all of his life, beginning at the age of about two.  He has been a joy to us and his younger brother and 2 younger sisters.
       Thank you, Inez and The Children's Home of Lubbock!
       Lewis and Delzene Moncrief
Brother White and Floyd Stumbo knew  we wanted to start a family but had been told that  it was possible for us to have children but that it might be hard.  They both encouraged us to consider adoption. Brother White suggested that we wait no longer and allow him to arrange a meeting with Inez Baucum.  We were scared to death at the first meeting with her.  She quickly put us at ease as she took our application.  We came to love her very much as we worked with her through the years.
       In just a few days Inez called and said she wanted to place a 4 year old girl with us for foster care.  We took Vicki into our home without knowing whether we could ever adopt her or not.   She had been in several foster homes and didn’t believe that we would keep her.  At first she didn’t even want her suitcase unpacked because she believed she would have to move.
       We immediately fell in love with Vicki and prayed that it would  be possible for us to adopt her.  In the summer of 1962 we were told that we could adopt her and the procedure was begun and we were able to make her our own in the fall of 1962.
       Brothers White and Stumbo continued to visit with us from time to time.  Vicki once asked Brother White, in our absence,  when they were going to get her a little brother.  She later asked Floyd the same question. Floyd explained to Vicki that it was Inez who would have to do that.
       On November 13th we got a call from Inez.  She told John,  “We have a little boy that is a Greeson, do you want him?”  John said, “Wait a minute, I will have to ask Orheana.”  After the confirmation came from Orheana, John said, “When can we get him?”  Inez said, Tomorrow.”
       On November 14, 1963 we went to the Stumbo home in Lubbock for the ceremony and a little two week old boy was placed in our laps.  We named him Emerson Leon for his grandfathers.   In one day we had gone from a family of three to a family of four.
        It was shocking enough to have a little girl that we were getting to know.  It was even a greater shock to suddenly have a little boy.  Then in a few months there was another shock when Orheana learned that she was pregnant.   We had a little girl, Leigh Ann, born on December 27, 1964.
       How grateful we are to John White, Floyd Stumbo, Inez Baucum, and the others at The Children’s Home of Lubbock who selected us to become the parents of Vicki and Leon.  We thank God that we are among the thousands that have been  blessed by these great servants of God.
       John and Orheana Greeson
Children Learn Life Lessons at Church
I feel contently happy living with the Logan family.  Though at first it was hard to cope with foster care and get along with so many, but the years went by and people are saying I look like my mother Angie.  Now that adoption lay before us I thank God daily for giving me such a great family and only wish everyone childhood has such a happy ending.
       Lisa Elizabeth Copeland
Children are Loved at the Home
I didn't expect anyone to take special care of me when I came to The Children's Home.  I thought I would just be "a student".  Everyone has taken so much care of me!  I know that you really love the kids you work with.  I know a lot of good things that have happened to me are probably because of you.
       An ex-student
The Home  provided a way for me to have a chance at a "normal" family experience.  I knew I was in a safe place.  Coming from a broken, unstable home, The Children's Home provided stability for  me.  I had a new family that I knew wanted me to be a success.  So I tried hard to make them proud of me.
       The Home was a light in my dark world.  It helped to kindle a fire within me to help  children.  Today I am a teacher in a poor school district and feel like I have a chance to pay back all the good that was done for me through the Home.  I deal daily with children from broken homes.  I let them know that they don't have to grow up and make the same mistakes they see their parents making.                      
       Matt Cook, formerly in foster care
Children See Creation's Wonders at the Farm
Dear Alvin, I know God put you at The Children's Home to make a difference in my life!  I hope you continue to make differences in other children's lives.  God knows you are the best for "Growing the Children" out on the farm.
        Love, Neisha
It’s me Don.  I miss being there.  How is the farm?  I miss being out there; I miss having to wake up to go to work on the farm.  I thought that was fun, and most of the time I learned something new.  I miss driving the tractor. I had a lot of fun living there. I learned a lot of stuff — how to drive, how to play basketball, how to play football, how to read and write — and I learned all of those thing just by being there and by watching others do right and wrong. I learned all of those thing the hard way; I kept getting in trouble.  I always thought that I was doing right but I was not.  Well, I thank you guys at The Children’s Home for showing the right and wrongs.