A Prayer for the Abused Child

Heavenly Father--

In a world which surrounds us with such comfort that we forget about the hushed cries of the neglected and abused, You are their hope. Thank you for hearing the stifled cries of the children who feel forgotten.  Make them know that there is hope for healing.  Be the small voice in the midst of their pain that gives them sanctuary even as they wonder why no one cares.  Give them reason to hope and see beyond their confusion.

Move us to their aid, making us aware of their need for a protector.  Use the people and circumstances in their lives to build a refuge for their hearts in need of healing.  Give each of us the wisdom and childlike faith we need so that Christ’s glory is reflected, thus creating a light that will ultimately lead these little ones to the safe haven of your arms.
Jack Noles, Program Director, The Children's Home of Lubbock