Sojourners -- A Multitude of Blessings!
The Bible is full of references to “sojourners” ... people who come to a place and stay there for only a temporary basis.  Abraham was one of the best known sojourners, and God promised him a multitude of blessings in the land of his sojourn.
The Children’s Home has been visited in recent weeks by a group of Sojourners ... people who came to us and stayed only temporarily, but oh the difference they made while they were here!
Eighteen Sojourners came to campus in their RV’s and stayed for two weeks, beginning each day with a devotional time before heading out to work.  They painted walls and doors, stained benches, worked in the yard, and performed innumerable other tasks while they were with us.
We hope the Sojourners were blessed in the land of their sojourn.  We know that we have been blessed by their presence.  Thank you for your generosity to us and to the boys and girls!