We are the product of our experiences.

…lovingly provided for or neglected and ignored…

In large part, each of us is the person we are because of what we have experienced in life.  For some in society, those experiences have not only been neglectful, they have been truly traumatic.  Consequently, we seek to provide an environment for children and families which allows the healing process an opportunity to take hold.

With a passionate desire to improve the effectiveness with which we deliver our services, we became a Sanctuary© Certified Agency in the Fall of 2017. Utilizing trauma-responsive principles and a model which addresses the needs of the entire agency, Sanctuary© is based on the idea that healing from trauma, stress, and adversity requires creating an environment that promotes healing for all.


“Manifesting Christ through excellence in child care.”


“Working in creative collaboration to provide quality care that transforms the lives of at-risk children and their families through the active compassion of Christ.”


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