Residential Group Care Program

Residential Group Care

We provide a family-centric approach to care. In each house we provide, there is a family of trained experts. This family guides, cares for, and meets each child’s specialized needs in their home. They should provide as much normalcy and stability for our children as their own. We want them to have equal opportunities to their peers.

What We Provide

We can house up to 50 children in this carefully planned cottage campus. Large numbers mean high training standards for our staff. Our team completes hours of courses in conflict resolution, emergencies, medical knowledge, and safety. To keep children safe and healthy, you must be safe and healthy. We have great faith in our staff.

Our two-parent family units have all the appropriate certifications and background checks. They may also have children of their own as they provide love, safety, and stability along with a home-cooked family meal every evening. These families build healthy family units for children from different perspectives and backgrounds.


Theresa Wilson, Unit Director (ext 244)
[email protected]

Janet Lemons, Admissions Coordinator (ext 205)
[email protected]

Kimberly Vasquez, Case Manager (ext 253)
[email protected]

Blayden Myers, Program Specialist (ext 220)
[email protected]

Want to Know More?

Children’s Home of Lubbock is located one mile outside the east loop, on the Idalou Highway (Highway 62/82).

Visitors are always welcome. We encourage you to call ahead to arrange a tour of the campus.

Luke Mason
Director of Development
[email protected]
806-762-0481 ext 206

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