The Children’s Home of Lubbock offers pre-independent or transitional services as a fundamental part of the continuum of services provided to all children at the Children’s Home, as well as former residents who require occasional assistance. This program focuses on preparing youth for adult living through personal, interpersonal, and spiritual development. Children that are at least 14 years of age will receive transitional living services which include but are not limited to services that provide life skills training, case management services, educational planning and support, employment and job training, housing and transportation referrals and parenting classes.

When it is appropriate for the children in care to enter the workforce, such as older teens, the case manager conducts a vocational assessment. This assessment is conducted with the aid of a vocational test given at school or other facilities, ARD tracts, vocational classes and programs, and an interview is conducted with the student. The case manager or childcare worker accompanies the child when applying for a job. He/she is aware of the individual’s interest, experiences, education, prior training or need for training, related behavioral issues, and special needs for accommodations.

Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) is the CPS program for children 16 years old and older. The PAL staff and foster parents assess each participant with the Casey Life Assessment, as well as a post-test after each unit, to evaluate their progress.”


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