Children’s Home

of Lubbock

“Working in creative collaboration to provide quality care that transforms the lives of at-risk children and their families through the active compassion of Christ.”

Who We Are

We are a community of volunteers, workers and supporters, pouring their efforts together to make life better for children who need to see that caring and love do exist in a world that has often been unfair and unjust.

What We Do

Children’s Home of Lubbock is fully licensed to complete home studies, counseling, and other processes necessary to complete adoptions for boys and girls in our care. We have completed over 1,000 adoptions since opening our doors in 1954.

How You Can Support

If trees could talk, ours would say they need your help. Several years ago, our irrigation system went down. Our grounds staff have to manually turn on the irrigation sections one at a time to water campus, and with 80 sections, one person can only do so much while also taking care of the rest of campus. We have concluded it is best to drill for new wells. Would you partner with us in accomplishing this project?


CHOL is our Family!!! We have laughed, loved, felt loss, & cried with many of the wonderful people that are our Support System! We would not be where we are today if it wasn't for them.

Andrea and Ruben Gallardo

CHOL truly makes a difference in the lives of families and kids, and I am privileged to be a part of it! Sharing the love of Jesus and providing hope to those we work with is the main reason I've been here for over 10 years.

Ashley CrossUnit Director

I lived there briefly in 1970-1, before moving to one of their smaller group homes elsewhere. My siblings and I were lucky to have found our way there.

James Rogers

I believe the general atmosphere of “Family” is what drew me here. People DO care about you as not only how you are doing as an employee, but also how you are doing individually. The care and appreciation for your personal well being is above and beyond.

Office Staff

I work at Children’s Home because we get to make a difference in the lives of children who have been forgotten, abused, or neglected. We get to show them the love of God, and take care of their needs, all while showing them a better way for their futures.

Theresa WilsonUnit Director

Beautiful place and wonderful people.

Lizzy H

What a WONDERFUL organization!

David R

I work at CHOL because I feel like I’m making a genuine difference in the world by serving these children. I love the community and how dedicated everyone at CHOL is to our kids.

Corie EdwardsDirect Care Staff

Wonderful place! I grew up there!

Twila Castillo

I work at CHOL because I believe we live out the mission of the organization every day, even though it isn't always easy to do so! I love working with families who are new to the foster care and adoption world and getting to introduce them to the beauty of seeing a child reunified with their family or adopted into their forever family.

Johnna McMillinFoster Care/Adoptive Home Developer

I work at CHOL so that I am able to advocate for our kids, their families, and all that are involved in their story. I feel incredibly supported by all of the relationships I have been able to build at CHOL.

Callie MasonSIL Case Manager

Working for CHOL, I have the honor of helping connect people and their unique strengths to support, have fun with, and meet the needs of kids. Everyone has a role in standing in the gaps of our community, but everyone's role looks different. Together we get to show them that West Texas has their backs!

Morgan MaretCommunity Engagement Coordinator

Thank you to the businesses that partner with us!

Manifesting Christ through excellence in childcare.


4404 Idalou Road Lubbock, TX 79403