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If your child is placed here at the Home or in our Foster Care program, we understand there might be a feeling of unease or worry. We want to ease any worries you may have and make sure you know that your child is safe and loved while in our care. Children are served without regard to their race, religion, or national origin, and all child care staff receive more than fifty hours of training each year. 

What is daily life like?

  • We provide a family-centric approach to care. In each house we provide, there is a family of trained experts. This family guides, cares for, and meets each child’s specialized needs in their home. They should provide as much normalcy and stability for our children as their own. We want them to have equal opportunities to their peers. 
  • Kids are taken to and from school each day, attend church on Sundays, and kids living on campus have different after school activities provided by staff or volunteers, such as homework help in our library, movie nights in the theater, recreation time in the gym, art activities, and more. 

Who is taking care of the children?

  • Whether it’s house parents, foster parents, case managers, or direct care staff, each member of our team completes hours of courses in conflict resolution, emergencies, medical knowledge, and safety.   
  • Our two-parent family units have all the appropriate certifications and background checks. They may also have children of their own as they provide love, safety, and stability along with a home-cooked family meal every evening. These families build healthy family units for children from different perspectives and backgrounds.

Do child care staff receive training?

  • Yes! All child care staff receive 50+ hours of training each year.  
  • House parents are trained in subjects such as helping children with trauma and managing behaviors and emotions.

Do children receive counseling? What about their families?

  • Yes! Children’s Home of Lubbock provides counseling services, utilizing our licensed professional counselors, offering a complete and professional array of individual, group, and family therapies to children served in our on-campus programs. 
  • This counseling extends to family members that do not reside on our campus. We want every family we work with to have the best chance for long-term success. Because we value the safety and privacy of everyone we serve on campus, we arrange safe transportation off campus for family sessions.  This means families will still have time together and that all of the people on our site are trained and responsible when it comes to the care for and protecting the personal information of everyone we help. 

I am struggling with parenting and need help...

If you feel like you are struggling, please look into our Family Success Program (Click here to view program page). These services are provided to foster and adoptive homes, post adoptive families, and biological families. This program is designed to support placements and help achieve and/or maintain permanency for children and their families. Our Family Support Specialists work with families to ensure they are receiving all the services needed to make progress in their home environment. The team can also provide referrals to other professionals as needed. 

What happens to teens if they age out?

We have a program for teens who age out of care called SIL, Supervised Independent Living. The SIL program’s ultimate goal is to provide participants with the education, experiences, & skills necessary to become successful and pro-social adults. Participants work with a case manager to develop their treatment plan as they transition to independence. All participants must work and attend school or vocational training. 

What is Sanctuary? How will it help my child?

  • At its core, Sanctuary© at Children’s Home promotes safety and recovery through the active creation of a trauma-informed community. It is the goal of the Home to provide the best possible care for children, and Sanctuary’s© commitment to an environment of healing does just that. The Sanctuary Model© involves every individual at the Home: children, direct-care staff, office workers, foster parents, and even board members.  
  • Sanctuary© has taught us to ask not, “What’s wrong with you?” but instead to look at that child’s trauma history and ask, “What happened to you?” The boys and girls at The Children’s Home are taught to regain control by rescripting behavior and embracing the opportunity to implement the appropriate behavior. 
  • Click here to read more about the Sanctuary Model.

Want to Know More?

Children’s Home of Lubbock is located one mile outside the east loop, on the Idalou Highway (Highway 62/82).

Visitors are always welcome. We encourage you to call ahead to arrange a tour of the campus.

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